Dirty grout? Here are some tips and help.

It is so frustrating to be looking at your grout everyday and wishing you could just get it clean. If you are renting or have bought a place that is a bit tired and the purse strings are a little tight at the moment, never fear! Here are a few things you can try and the ultimate solution.

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Derma Shield - Best thing for DIY!

If you are a keen DIY Doer, keep reading because this amazing skin protectant is exactly what you need. I got to interview Peter Friswell, the Managing Director who is offering you a fantastic 15% discount

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Picture Hanging Help

We had great fun at The Ideal Home Show doing a live show about the rules of picture hanging.
We had many requests for a pdf guide that you can download so here it is!

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Wall Fixings

Wall type checking:

The DIY Doers have a handy “wall knocking” technique.

Simply knock your wall at home to find out if it is solid or hollow

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Snagging List

A super quick and easy "fix it"
If you have an item that has fallen off the wall, or is going to very soon, and you want to fix it

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Real Life DIY

So why are we here?

The truth is, we want to help you.  We want to show you how easy it is to grasp simple DIY skills that will serve you over and over again, in projects now and in the future.
We want you to know the sense of pride

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Is Inspiration on your Radar?

With eyes wide open, inspiration is everywhere!
I'm a big believer of things being "on my radar".
An example of this is when you decide to buy some new shoes and all of a sudden you start noticing everyone else's shoes as you pass them in the street.
Shoes are suddenly "on your radar"........

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