Next DIY Workshop 5th november!

Come along to our workshop and learn to DIY with Wayne and Steph

Masking tape - Tried and tested

Our guide to the best and worst masking tapes and how they can make or break a DIY job

DIY Workshop - new date released

Join us for a confidence building DIY workshop in November

Our guide to cleaning marble tile, floors and worktops

Follow our plain English guide to cleaning and caring for your marble and travertine stoneware.

Worry free drilling

Follow our TOP TIP for drilling without the worry of hitting electric cables

The DIY Doers in South Africa

Find out what happened to Steph on her South African DIY adventure

To tile paint or not tile paint. That is the real question

Here are some tips and advice and a new sensational brand of paint you have to know about!

This paint is shaking up the Upcycling world

Trust us - You need to know about this paint!

Dirty grout? Here are some tips and help.

It is so frustrating to be looking at your grout everyday and wishing you could just get it clean. If you are renting or have bought a place that is a bit tired and the purse strings are a little tight at the moment, never fear! Here are a few things you can try and the ultimate solution.

Cleaning and caring for black sinks - Our tips

If you already have one or are looking to buy one, a granite stone composite sink needs to be treated and cleaned with care and you 

DIY Workshops

Good news!
Our latest Discover DIY workshop was a great success so we have more dates in September!

Watch my step by step guide to building a raised Deck with living roof
If you have ever wanted to learn how to build a raised deck or fit a living roof whilst creating a cool den for the kids, check out Wayne's latest Blog

Top Tips! Watch our latest video

Tape measure tips!
Are you getting the most out of this simple tool? Watch this and find out.....

Derma Shield - Best thing for DIY!

If you are a keen DIY Doer, keep reading because this amazing skin protectant is exactly what you need. I got to interview Peter Friswell, the Managing Director who is offering you a fantastic 15% discount

Picture Hanging Help

We had great fun at The Ideal Home Show doing a live show about the rules of picture hanging.
We had many requests for a pdf guide that you can download so here it is!

Big thanks

To all the folks at South east Workwear for making us look great at this year's Ideal Home Show!

Ideal Home Show 2017

Ticket deal!
It's not long now until this year's Ideal Home Show and we are pleased to announce that we are appearing at the Ideal Home Show Theatre and the Interior Styling Stage, for 12 LIVE SHOWS!
We would love for you all to come and

How to drill into a plasterboard wall

Click to watch our latest YouTube video with The Crafty Beggars

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