1) Well you made it here, which means you are definitely interested in/keen on DIY and that's worth one point! Proceed to question 2.

2) If DIY doesn't stand for "Destroy it yourself" or "Don't do it yourself" (that's DDIY really but anyway) then you passed this question too. Add another point. Yay!

3) So many of us want to "have a go" but "don't know where to start". I hear these phrases from friends and the people I get chatting to everyday, about DIY. If this is you, the good news is this means you have passed the "desire" test. You have the DIY hunger. It's undeniable when it's in you. Add one point.

4) Tenacity, endurance and determination are fundamental personality traits for DIY. If you have none of these traits, you can still have a go! Win! Add one point.

5) The power to change, add value and create an environment you LOVE coming home to EVERYDAY are the outcomes DIY can achieve in your home and lives. Have one point if you like this idea!

Do you want to make some changes to your home or perhaps own a buy to let property someday and get maximum return on your investment, by doing some of the work yourself? Have one bonus point.
If you collected the full 6 points well done! You really did pass the test. You ARE cut out for DIY, cos the truth is, everybody is! DIY doesn't discriminate. You can do as little or as much as your heart (or wallet) desires.
You really can. The DIY Doers have a supportive community and hand holding group on Facebook "The DIY Doers Club" you can get involved here.
We also have an online course for absolute beginners (or those who want to have a confidence boost by revisiting the stuff you once knew) It's all about tools and will be ready just in time for Spring fever.
Wayne and myself (The DIY Doers) started from scratch ourselves and went on to renovate our homes and other peoples too.
So this little test was to prove that sometimes we need to be curious, not fearful. Make the decision and take the action.
The only thing I can't be responsible for is the addiction to the satisfaction you will feel and desire to want to repeat and repeat.......

Thanks for reading!
Remember we love to hear from you and see what DIY you are planning or getting up to.

p.s. While I was writing this post, I heard an alarm going off and when I realised it was our motorbike, I went outside and happened to intercept two guys from stealing it! Crazy......