The time has come for me to paint the dated, ugly, shiny black floor tiles we inherited in our apartment.

I’m so excited to give this room a new splash of colour and most of all to use this paint that I have seen such amazing results with.
Can I get the ‘instant makeover’ for my bathroom that I am after?

I am confident this paint won’t let me down!

If you want to know more about how many fantastic credits this paint has to it’s name check out our previous blog post <link> but here’s a quick run down:

Zero VOC (volatile organic compounds - chemical nasty smells)
Minimal prep
Easy application
Exceptional coverage
Durable finish
Lead free, phlalate free, ammonia free, formaldehyde free (yep, in some paints!)
Environmentally and health conscious…………

All this is why it is so easy to shout about this stuff.

It’s called Fusion Mineral Paint.

The colour range of Fusion paint is excellent.

I have chosen the glorious Champness for our floor.
You can get very ornate and glittery finishes too but these go better with an upcycling project and I am going for a clean and fresh look.

My box of goodies

Steps I took:

The first thing I have to do is do a light scuff sand of the floor tiles. 220 grit was recommended. I had 120 so I just went for it.
I’m only doing this as they are super shiny.
This actually only took me a few minutes as I quickly realised the sandpaper wasn’t making a big difference. Better than nothing though and it will help with the adhesion.
Then a good vacuum/clean up and last inspection to make sure every bit of dust is gone and we are good to go.

Next I applied the Ultra Grip.

This is Fusion’s secret weapon. The primer that allows you to paint ANY surface, mirrors, old veneered furniture etc. etc.
It goes on easily, I used a big brush and followed the instructions to apply it sparingly and avoid brush marks. It dries really matt.
The ultra grip needs 12 hours before overcoating so my aim is to use it last thing in the day and hope I don’t need the loo in the night!
It was touch dry really quickly so after a few hours I thought a tip toe in to use the loo couldn’t hurt!

Next morning it was time for the colour explosion!

The mineral paint is so pleasing to apply.
It goes on really well and gives great coverage.
I used a StaalMeester brush along the grout lines and then a micro fibre roller for the tiles.
After 30 mins it was all done. I waited as long as I could before applying the 2nd coat and this made it look fantastic.

It’s worth knowing that after the 1st coat of paint was dry I painted all around the edges first with the 2nd coat. I did this so I could remove the masking tape while the paint was still wet.
This avoids horrible cracks and also means if you have any bits that need touching up you can do this straight away. I then painted rest of the floor with the 2nd coat and it was done!

Transformation achieved!

Good to know:
I used about a third of the ultra grip pot and half of the paint. My bathroom is roughly 3 sq metres.
After talking to our friends at Fusion I also did a layer of Tough Grip as a top coat to provide maximum durability.

Fusion has an outstanding record of durability thanks to it’s unique curing time. Curing is a hardening process and Fusion paint takes 21 days I fully cure. In this time you can use the floor but should take great care to ensure the best possible longevity.
A final coat of their tough coat paint will make sure it hardens well.  
It’s a good talking point for any friends who are visiting or for you family, making the bathroom a shoe free zone or seeing who can tip toe the best.

My overall rating is EXCELLENT!

I will continue to recommend this paint and I am glad I have had my own first hand experience.

Can’t wait for an excuse to paint something else.........who needs an excuse, pass me that chest of drawers!

Co-Founder of The DIY Doers