The reverse happens when someone mentions that this new bar has opened down the road and you've had so much going on, you haven't even noticed it.
Going out and therefore bars are really not "on your radar" right now.
When you know you are going to redecorate a room in your house, chances are you will be seeking some ideas and inspiration for the style, colours and furniture etc.
Home magazines and websites like Pinterest can be a brilliant source of inspiration but can also lead to indecision simply due to too much choice!
Where do I start when it comes to actually choosing a paint colour?
How will I know what tiles to pick?
I know these questions oh too well and really felt the weight of decision making on our renovation.
I however, took it one step further....
With an obsession for doing the research and making sure no inspiration stone had been left unturned, I decided to put down all the magazines and look away from my laptop.
What I started to do was simply open my eyes to EVERYTHING that I encountered, choosing to have inspiration "on my radar".
"How can this help me with the overwhelm and decision making?" I hear you cry.
Good point, well made BUT what you will begin to understand as soon as you tune your radar in, is that inspiration is indeed EVERYWHERE.
It won't feel overwhelming, you will just be processing your world in a more aware way.
Those tiles you pass everyday on the way to work, suddenly become a possible tile choice for your project.....what do you like or dislike about them?
Inspiration and ideas don't always need to be from positive or good examples to get those creative juices flowing.
Some of the worst design choices or colour scheme nightmares can allow you to see that by changing a, b, or c, you could turn it into a design dream!
Some of the best choices we made on our real life renovation were from these types of inspiration.
My kitchen tiles were discovered by me vaguely thinking that I "might like something in that Victorian green type colour" and then having a coffee in a branch of Benugo, to discover that they had the exact tiles I had been imagining on their shop front!
I promptly went to Benugo's website and sent them an email, asking where they got them from and what they were called (obviously saying how great they looked too!)
They replied straight away, complimenting me on my good taste (ha!) and pointing me in the direction of Fired Earth for the exact tiles.
The tile story didn't stop there as they turned out to be far too expensive, beautiful as they were, so I remained eyes wide open.
What happened next was a little bit weird. Some might call it fate, I truly believe it came about because tiles, green ones especially, were "on my radar."
I walked past a small coffee shop in Forest Hill London, where I live and spotted some old green tiles in their window.
It's a gallery for nik naks that are for sale as well as a coffee shop, so I went in to ask about the tiles in the window.
The owners were really helpful and said they were happy to sell me the tiles but they only the 4 I had seen in the window. Boo! I wanted enough for a cooker splash back.
I thanked them and declined the tiles, explaining I was looking for more.
Pawl, one of the owners then said he might be able to help.
He had done a tiling job with some very similar tiles and had about 2 square metres worth left over that he was keeping in a storage unit.
He offered to retrieve them so I could have a look and if I wanted, I could have them for a good price.
Long story short, it all worked out and below are the photos.
IMG_1940Inspired by....IMG_1933My splash back!
This wasn't the only experience like this we had.
Our bathroom tiles were inspired by the London Underground and sourced more conventionally at Topps Tiles.
Our lounge curtains and much of the style too were inspired by a country pub we visited in the Cotswolds.

The joy of DIYing is that it's all in your control.
You see it, you source it and you feel satisfied with the result all round.
Living with the satisfaction everyday that you dreamt it up and then made it happen!
Eyes wide open everyone,
Let's get inspired.
Steph x