A blog post about Masking tape? That doesn't seem very meaningful!

Well, as the DIY Doers amongst us will testify I'm sure, that moment when you remove the masking tape, on a painting job involving coat after coat of paint and wanting to ensure the perfect EDGE.....it does become meaningful then.

Masking tape can make or break the job (and you!)

So where do you start when it comes to choosing the right masking tape?

What brand do you choose?

Do you go for a budget multi-pack of the stuff at your local DIY store looking for real value for money?
Or do you see no difference between any of them, so settle for the first one you find in the store and get home asap to start the job.

It is at this point that we would forgive you because "You don't know what you don't know."

And that is why we are here to help you know more about the DIY world, using our own experiences in trying, (and failing) so we can pass our help and advice onto you.

Masking tape is an essential part of the keen decorators/upcyclers kit.

Generally used for masking off areas around windows, doors, skirting boards etc. so you can quickly and easily paint along the edges and avoid a messy line, masking tape can be used to aid sealing around the bath as well and becomes super useful for more extravagant painting techniques and patterns using different colours to create stripes etc. 
So the type of masking tape you chose is very important.

We have tried and tested metres of the stuff so that we can report back to you and guide your choices and here are our top 3:

In 3rd place:

The beige stuff - your regular, unbranded masking tape.
It's widely available in every DIY store and usually comes in different widths.

They say:
 "Hand tearable and suitable for short term application."

We say:
 "It does okay but we have had some very frustrating moments using this stuff as often the tape tears and you can't get a long enough piece"

Our verdict:
Buy once, buy never again.
It costs around £3 - £4

In 2nd place:
Hippo masking tape.

This one is our favourite brands for using with sanitary sealant for the bathroom and it does perform well as a DIY all rounder.
We tried the clean edge type and it is super sticky, which helps in a bathroom, to stick it to tiles etc. but the downside is, it is only sold (to our knowledge) in trade places and building warehouses so getting hold of the masking tape is hard for the DIYer.

It is available in different types:
- Clean edge
- 14 day
- Low tac
- General purpose

All 4 types come in different widths and the general purpose one comes in 4 different widths, so you really can customise to serve your job.

They say:
"High quality thin paper masking tape that delivers a professional sharp, fine edge first time, every time."

We say:
"The tape stuck really well and worked perfectly every time."

Our verdict:
We recommend the clean edge stuff (if you can your hands on it!) 
Cost is £4 - £5
For more info go to the Hippo website 

In 1st place!
Frog Tape

The excellent DIY all rounder.
It comes in 3 different styles

Green: Multi surface
Yellow: Delicate surface
Orange: Gloss and Satin paints.

They say:
"What makes Frog Tape different? The Paintblock technology"

We say:
"Frog Tape really does come off after painting better than any other masking tape and we got a lovely clean edge"

Our verdict:
The all round winner is.....
The multi purpose frog tape.
The green one is perfect for everyday DIY and decorating.

This is the one we recommend for your next DIY job.
Cost is £4.99 from Screwfix

For more info go to the Frog Tape website

Probably the most important thing about masking tape though is

Here's the massive trade secret to using masking tape, once you have chosen your favourite kind.......

Yep, that's right. 
This IS the key to getting the best finish and cleanest line you can. 
If you wait until the paint has fully dried, (or the sealant) the clean line is affected by the dry skin of the paint and can tear and then appear bumpy.
When it's slightly wet this isn't a problem because the skin hasn't developed yet so MAKE SURE YOU REMOVE IT when the paint is still wet. 
Go really carefully to keep your nice edge and know that there will be some paint on the tape so wear some latex gloves if you don't want to get paint everywhere as you remove it. 

Wayne has made a video whilst on set at ITV's This Morning showing this very tip (although the thumbnail looks like he is just pouting!)
Have a watch...

So there you have it.
Masking tape tried and tested.
Faster, more professional paint jobs every time.

We hope you found that helpful.
Feel free to share :0)

Remember "You can be a DIY Doer!"

Wayne and Steph