1) Avoid the weekend scrum.
Most DIY stores are open til 8pm on weekdays, even the more trade orientated ones.  Get organised and beat the crowds.
You'll probably want to do the work at the weekend anyway, so this way you can have a lie-in instead of queueing!

2) Planning and preparation.
These two P's are key to any DIY job.
Go round the room you are planning to improve and make a list, being sure to include every bit of it you want to do work on. Light switches, skirting boards, the lot.
Not finishing the job can be a result of not planning it well.
Ever heard the phrase "preparation is key"?

3) Be realistic about time.Things get stressful when you don't fully realise the timings involved.If the paint needs 12 hours before you can second coat, or the adhesive needs 24 hours before you can grout and you haven't planned around this, it can become time wasted.Remember, we don't live in a "sixty minute makeover" world, where there are an army of people on the job.  If it takes 12 hours, it takes 12 hours.
Plan projects to do between drying times or better still take time out!

 4) Always use the right tools.
This became such an integral part of my personal renovation learning curve.
I can't express enough, the joy of using the right tool for the job.
This may sound so obvious, but trust me, there are tools out there you won't know about until you really need them.
An example is a basin wrench. Tightening a loose tap, or putting in a new one, you will be lost without one of these. I recommend an adjustable one. Have a look at it here...
An example of using the best product for the job is Frog tape, versus regular masking tape.  http://www.frogtape.co.uk  This literally transformed our painting jobs and I can't recommend it enough!
Click the next link to watch a video of me using absolutely the WRONG hammer to try to smash-up a cast iron bath! Lesson learnt! https://youtu.be/0jNOOVpXbDg

5) Phone a friend.
It's a fact that there will be certain tasks you'll need a chum to help you with and that's a good thing.
Make a fun time of it and have a coffee or drinkypoo when you have achieved your DIY goal together.
Having a second pair of eyes/arms/legs/breasts on a job is invaluable ;o)
It will take half the time too.
Win win!

Check in with yourself and ask "what's the worst that can happen?"
Sounds dramatic but it will give you a very real gauge to test whether you are just a bit scared of doing something (like drilling), or if you could actually flood the house and need to seek help.
We always knew fluffed holes could be filled.
Even the pros make mistakes.
EXTRA BONUS: Cute picture of my cat, Bab, aka The DIY inspector
Thanks for reading!
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