Solid walls are pretty easy to detect as you may well hurt your knuckles but if your walls sound echoey or your neighbour says “Come in” (!) they are definitely hollow. 
The reason for detecting this is so you can use the right kind of fittings to hang anything on your walls and make sure they stay there.

Types of Wall Fixings:


Go for wall plugs or Rawlplugs (brand name) in a selection of sizes.

The different colours help to show the difference in size and which ones to use for light, medium or heavy weight items.

When you have the correct plug for the weight of your item, chose a multi purpose screw that is the correct size according to the packaging for the plug.

When you know the diameter, make sure that the length of the screw is longer than the length of the wall plug. 
Also remember to include your bracket/fixing width in this as well (see pic)


You can also use the pack to see what size drill bit to use.

When you drill into solid walls, you will need a MASONRY drill bit, a SOLID WALL PLUG and a MULTI PURPOSE SCREW.


These plugs are especially designed to work with hollow plasterboard walls. 

You will use these plugs with drilled holes in the plasterboard.

They open up inside the wall to stop them from being able to come back out.

Use the pack to find the screw and drill bit size.

Use a masonry drill bit. 
Remember the plaster is not thick so you will drill through it easily.


If you decide to find the batons in your hollow wall (by using our knocking technique) you can screw directly into the batons and hang your medium/heavy weight items. 

How do you do it?
Use a wood or multi purpose screw that is longer than 50mm and use your combination drill with a screwdriver drill bit.

Your screw will go straight through the plasterboard and bite into the wood to hold securely.

Another type of hollow wall plug is a self boring one and these are so easy to use.

How do you do it?

Using your combination drill with a plus-sign (Phillips) screwdriver bit, screw the plug straight into the plasterboard, slowly and steadily.

Then using the screw supplied with the plug, slowly screw that into the plug.

Top Tip:

When you hang things on hollow walls, it is always best to buy the specially designed plugs to use.

We recommend you go for SELF BORING PLUGS.
You can pick up a pack of 10 for £5.00