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Directed by Wayne Perrey and Steph Bron, The DIY Doers mission is to encourage you to learn new skills, save you money, time and give you the confidence to be a DIY Doer.

This one stop shop is the only place you will need for help and advice that will get you started and finished on all those DIY jobs around the house.


Seven years ago, like so many parents to be, my wife and I were preparing for the arrival of our baby girl and we realised we were going to need more space.

So we decided to start a major home renovation.

We were so excited to be doing our very own “Grand Design” and true to the TV show, we found ourselves without the funds to finish the work!
The credit crunch had hit and the prospect of a non habitable home with a new baby on the way, meant I had no choice but to get stuck in and finish the work myself.

Through necessity, I discovered that by having the confidence to be a “DIY DOER” I could learn new skills and get the job done.

After our house was finished I began to offer my DIY and carpentry services to friends and clients and soon my reputation as a handyman/carpenter began to grow.

I was approached by “The Great Interior Design Challenge” for the BBC, and was booked as an on camera builder.

Now, three series later, I’m a permanent fixture of the creative team and love every minute of it!

Since my carpentry skills have been seen on TV, I have been asked to work on other great projects like building the set for E4 TATTOO FIXERS, fitting kitchens on Channel 5’s “COWBOY BUILDERS” and decorating makeovers for ITV’s THIS MORNING.

Even now I can’t quite believe that what started out as a home nightmare, has ended up with me having a new exciting career that I love.

“Through necessity, I discovered that by having the confidence to be a “DIY DOER” I could learn new skills and get the job done.”


I have always been obsessed with DIY and homemaking and when I bought my first flat, in 2003, I didn’t have the cash to pay for people to do the work for me, so I went out of my way to learn the skills I needed to do it myself.

My mate taught me how to tile and my neighbour was a retired builder and donated his old tools to me.  Once I had done a few small jobs, my confidence grew and then there was no stopping me.

The (slightly obsessive!) need to “fix things” around the house and the dream of buying a dump and doing it up came to fruition in 2013 when I began the renovation that changed my life.

The DIY skills came into their own and I saved thousands of pounds.

When you are willing to have a go it’s amazing what you can achieve and take it from me, the sense of satisfaction is addictive!

“I have always been obsessed with DIY and homemaking!”

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