- Learn all about the tools you need and how to use them with Top Tips from us.

 - Successfully hang a shelf that stays on your wall!

This fun course will get you picking up the tools and turn you into a confident DIY Doer for years to come.


Course curriculum:

Home Know How - 3 video modules on safety with Gas, Electricity and Water
Gas Safety
Stopcock - Water Safety
Fuse Box - Electricity Safety
Electricity Legal info

Section 1 - Let's Get Tooled Up!
6 video modules and accompanying PDFs
Screwdrivers - PDF
Hammers - PDF
Spanners - PDF
Saws - PDF
Pliers - PDF
Blades and Knives
Blades and Knives - PDF

Section 2 - We're Gonna Need a Bigger Tool Box!
3 video modules and accompanying PDFS on extra tools to grow your kit.
Tape Measure
Tape Measure - PDF
Spirit Level
Spirit Level - PDF
Cartridge Gun
Cartridge Gun - PDF

Section 3 - Power Happy!
3 video modules and accompanying PDFS about the essential power tool.
Safety First
Safety First - PDF
Drills - PDF
Drill Bits and Wall Fixings

Section 4 - I'm a DIY Doer!
The final video module showing how to hang a shelf using all the tools from the course.
Hanging a Shelf
Shopping List