Cleaning the oven is a job that nobody really looks forward to (unless you are Ben from Ovenclean) he's been cleaning my oven for years.  I clean my oven myself as well as getting an expert deep clean once a year.

Ben is the one who taught me this Pro tip.  

Sometimes it's the glass door that is the dirtiest part of the oven and we see it the most and somehow the more you try products on it to clean it, it seems to get dirtier.
Well, this can actually be the case.....

Well, the products we use can actually attract more dirt to the glass as they bond to the already greasy glass surface.

There really is only ONE tool to conquer removing this layered greasy mess and THIS IS IT......

It's called a glass scraper or Window Scraper 
This one is from Toolstation and is only £1.12!

I recommend this one because you can easily replace the blades with Stanley knife blades and it is also EXCELLENT for removing old disgusting sealant from around your bath and basin. Click here for help on HOW TO SEAL YOUR BATH.

A MUST for your toolkit.

It is designed to scrape, not scratch so there is no danger of marking the glass or scratching your bath edge (careful not to dig it in).

Traditionally used to clean windows that have got paint splashes etc this Tool Hack will amaze you!

Watch the video on how to use this genius little tool and your oven will be transformed in MINUTES!

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Happy cleaning!