I have been usingKilrock for years.

In the first flat I bought, I used it to remove the limescale on the 10 year old taps......and it worked so I was hooked from then on.

It's never let me down in the plumbing world when I have had to remove and replace old taps* or descale a shower head.
I recently discovered their Eco-friendly descaler too which I am very happy about using.

It is important to descale as part of your cleaning and maintaining routine as the efficiency of all our water outlets and appliances can be severely compromised if we don't.

The handy gel (right) is perfect for hard to access places or vertical nuts (on a tap etc) and the standard bottle (left) lasts for ages as it is very concentrated so follow the instructions carefully, wear gloves and don't breath in the fumes. This stuff is not messing around.

Seriously, if you want to remove limescale, look no further. The bottles say "It's the one that works" and they don't lie.

Have you ever discovered a toilet pan where the bottom is disgustingly brown (or even black) and no amount of bleach (a friend of mine was even told Coca Cola) or scrubbing will remove it??!!
One recommendation of Kilrock multi-pupose later, after I had visited the shameful loo at his place and sure enough the next day I got a text to say "It worked!"
Yep, told ya!

I recently tried the Kilrock Dishwasher cleaner as we thought our old girl was on the way out when everything came out a bit cloudy, ultimately, covered in limescale and sure enough she now works like a charm......one less landfill addition and no costly expense for us!

You can buy it directly from the Kilrock website I usually buy mine in Robert Dyas and Amazon sells it too.

Kilrock make some other great products as well that you may not have seen before as you can't normally find them in your local supermarkets so have a good nose around the Website.

In the interest of full disclosure, I recently recommended Kilrock in a Sunday Times Home Help answer and the company did get in touch to thank me and sent me a few free products but otherwise we are not affiliated with them in any way.
As always we just love to recommend great products that really work.

Life can be challenging enough without buying a specific tool/product for a specific task and then being let down cos it can't fulfil its ONE JOB.

You won't be let down.

Trust me.


*always isolate your water before attempting to remove your tap or any tap parts